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Independent tests confirm the benefits of GYP-FLO use in soft fruit production! 
(Results available on request)                

GYP-FLO is applied simply through the feed rig or header tank. 

Below is an analysis taken from coir grown raspberries prior to application. The aim was to reduce the sodium levels and improve fruit quality. 


The analysis below was taken one week after application of GYP-FLO @ 15 Ltr per hectare. 

Note the reduction in sodium from 57.8% to 8.4% (85.5% reduction).


The analysis below taken from raspberries grown in compost. A high sodium level within the irrigation source had increased levels in the substrate.


The analysis below shows the levels ten days after GYP-FLO application @ 10Ltr per hectare. 


This graph shows the effectiveness of GYP-FLO in reducing sodium in soil grown grapes.