Colne Valley G C turn to GYP-FLO

Colne Valley G C have applied GYP-FLO liquid gypsum to aid them in the ongoing management of nutrients, within the soil profile. "The visible effects following application was very encouraging" stated the club Director, Tom Smith. This was backed up by our regular soil tests, with calcium levels being well within the targeted levels for the first time. 

This will now be backed up by application of Natur Engorde to promote strong growth, with the N that is needed to maintain the superb playing surfaces at this gem of a golf course!


It has been brought our attention that there are some products that claim to work in the same way as GYP-FLO. 

GYP-FLO is unique in it formulation and make up!

No other product has the amounts of available calcium, or can act as speedily as GYP-FLO.

Customer feedback has also highlighted that cheaper products are seriously damaging spraying equipment. 

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We have now made our unique products available to the general public, through our "Ultra Lawn Care" division!

Everyone now has access to our unique professional product range, including GYP-FLO liquid gypsum. GYP-FLO is the most effective liquid gypsum on the market and ideal for improving clay soil, allowing your lawn to thrive. No chemicals are used to ensure we produce the best lawns, with the environment in mind!

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Testing Testing!

We now offer a full range of soil and water testing!

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BTME 2017

A big thanks to all those who visited us at BTME Harrogate this year!

We had an exceptional  three days!

As part of our expansion into new markets, we have launched "artificial grass it". Our new website will cater for all your domestic and commercial artificial grass needs!

Hutchinsons now stocking Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd product range 

(Andy Church, Director at Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd & Steve Greenaway, Hutchinsons adviser) 

Hutchinsons now stocking

Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd product range

Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd, supplier of innovative and unique calcium based soil and substrate improvers, has announced a new strategic trading partnership with H L Hutchinson Ltd that will include working together to promote and supply GYP-FLO (liquid gypsum), PH-Plus (liquid lime) Triple Strike (algae eradicator) and Hydra-Gyp (water treatment) to growers and farmers throughout the UK.

In order to reinforce its presence in the market place and as part of its overall long-term strategy, Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd has teamed up with Hutchinsons to maximise its market exposure for their unique product range.

“We were looking for UK coverage with maximum market exposure. Hutchinsons have depots from Cornwall to Scotland, along with experienced advisors working closely with growers and farmers. It is very clear that Hutchinsons share our views and objectives to provide the highest standards of independent agronomic advice to their customers. Since their UK launch, GYP-FLO (liquid gypsum) and PH-Plus (liquid lime) have proved to be highly effective in improving fruit quality and yields by boosting calcium, improving nutrient availability and reducing sodium build up.

In Triple Strike and Hydra-Gyp the grower now has the ammunition to treat algal contamination and improve poor quality water sources.

Working with Hutchinsons will ensure that growers and farmers nationwide can purchase our products promptly and efficiently through Hutchinsons impressive UK network of local depots and distribution outlets”, quoted Andy Church, Director at Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd.

r call Hutchinsons on 01945 461177