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GYP-FLO is a liquid suspension of technical grade Calcium and Sulphur (calcium: 35% w/v sulphur: 25% w/v) applied to improve your soil structure by reducing sodium build-up and increasing Calcium levels in the soil or substrate.

GYP-FLO is much easier to handle and apply via boom spray, drip systems, overhead irrigation and aerial applications, compared to the spreading of bulk gypsum. In addition GYP-FLO is also a great source of Calcium and Sulphur for plant nutrition.

GYP-FLO has a particle size of only 5 micron and is more than 80% available, offering much quicker results in overcoming soil compaction, unlike bulk gypsum that has particle size of 1000 micron (1mm) average with a solubility rate of only 0.24%. After 4 years of field trials, studies confirmed that the finer particles remain more active in the soil than the courser particles of "bulk gypsum


An ecological cell multiplier, encouraging the fattening process. This gives the plant increased vigour and colour whilst limiting top growth.

The swelling process, unlike with other products, is performed through cell multiplication, rather than via artificial liquid retention. This means that, with equal conditions of size and weight, plants treated with “Renovation Engorde” demonstrate higher weight and firmness. Increased plant strength and disease resistance along with a healthy appearance whilst reducing input costs.


Mitigating factor against fungi.

Promotes the plants' development of vigor, when faced with adverse environmental conditions. Sekacit is proven to have a very high mitigating efficacy against a variety of fungi, including Fusarium, Powdery mildew, Botrytis cinerea, Pseudoperonospora Rhizoctonia, Sclerothinia, Erwinia and bacteria, Pseudomonas, Clavibacter, Xanthomonas. It acts by contact and systemic, through the plant tissue. SEKACIT is also highly effective when used to suppress casting worms.


Mitigating factor against fungi. Mitigates against root and stalk diseases caused by root fungi and bacteria. Sekamosa is proven to have a very high mitigating efficacy against fungi, in preventive and curative treatments. (Downy mildew / Fusarium / Sclerothinia / Cladosporiosis /Rhizoctonia / Phytophtora / Phythium / Verticilium / Alternaria). Recommended for rapid healing of wounds caused by mechanical damage, hail etc.


Mitigating factor against phytopathogenic nematodes. 

Favours development of plant root vigor and resistance, when faced with pathogens and adverse environmental conditions. Inhibits, controls and prevents the development of a great majority of phytopathogenic nematodes.


Mitigating factor against larvae 

Due to its special formulation based on amino acids provides a complete nutritional balance, providing the necessary elements for the complete development of the plant. It helps in the control of soil based larvae such as leather jackets.


Ecological Rooting. Powerful Biostimulator. 

Radicular development promoter in all phases: physiological, functional, emission, growth, renewal. It increases the density of the root and influences the functioning of the radicular apparatus, regulating and strengthening the nutrient absorption rhythm. Leaf growth and quality promoter (greater size). 


For best results, apply at the beginning of rooting. It offers an ideal sanitary balance, providing precisely the necessary elements for the plant's correct development. Promoting the SAR’s responses to protect the plant against fungal attack.


Contributes to the formation of the plant, root, leaves and structure. It´s based on special amino acids and enzymes 

Biostimulator of multiple routes: protein synthesis and cell structure. Quick-absorption product enriched with amino-acids and a well-balanced group of nutrients. 


Natural wetting agent.

Elicitor, having an effect via the stimulation of natural defense mechanisms. Special nutrient, due to its high polysaccharides content, improves vegetative growth and the correct nutrition uptake of the plant


Instigates the fattening maturing processes. High concentration and quality of potassium, 0% potash, pH 7.5.

The presence of potassium in suitable quantities facilitates the formation of cells rich in water and sugars, in roots, tubers and leaf. K50 promotes the  consistency of stems and shoots.

Ultra PHix

Ultra PHix is the latest in a line of innovative products to aid the modern day Grower, Greenkeeper and sports turf manager. Using natural ingredients, blended specifically for Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd this easy to use PH buffer is now widely available.

A simple application to your water tank and the optimum PH can be achieved. The use of Ultra PHix can save you money and ensure your spray applications have the desired effect!


PH-PLUS is a liquid suspension of technical grade Calcium Carbonate applied to prevent and improve acid soils by increasing the soil pH and Calcium levels in the soil.

PH-PLUS is much easier to handle and apply via boom spray, drip systems, overhead irrigation and aerial applications compared to spreading bulk lime. In addition PH-PLUS is also a great source of available Calcium for plant nutrition.









Bulk Lime


1000 micron

2.5 Tonne

325 M2

812,500 M2

Fine Lime


50 micron

400 Kilograms

6,500 M2

2,600,000 M2



5 micron

50 Litres

65,000 M2

3,250,000 M2



TRIPLE STRIKE is a concentrated liquid suspension of superfine Gypsum, enhanced with Alum.

TRIPLE STRIKE is a revolutionary, one step treatment for algal blooms in farm dams and other water bodies.TRIPLE STRIKE has a 3-way action for highly effective results: The Alum coagulates the algae. The combination of Alum and Gypsum flocculates the algae.The Alum and Gypsum form a blanket over the algae on the floor of the water body which absorbs phosphorus and toxins.TRIPLE STRIKE doesn't kill the algae initially. It's action is to starve the algae of nutrients over time. In most situations the algae will stay on the bottom and eventually decompose.TRIPLE STRIKE will generally lower the pH of the water by 0.5-1.0 pH units. This will assist in preventing further algal blooms.

Aminogro MAXI N7


Aminogro MAXi N7 is a high analysis liquid organic nitrogen containing 7% Nitrogen in both free L-form amino acids and peptides from a non-animal protein source.

Plants assimilate nitrogen as amine (NH2+) which is moved around plants attached to amino acids like Glutamic and Aspartic acid. Amino acids are also the building blocks of plant proteins and regulators of essential plant functions like photosynthesis, respiration and ultimately crop yields.

Plants survive and thrive on the way amino acids are created, transformed and mobilized in plants. The L-form amino acids found in Aminogro MAXi are known to regulate plant responses that help them adapt to the prevailing environmental conditions.

 Chito-flo is another cutting edge product, brought to the market by Ultra Soil Solutions.  Chito-Flo brings the long proven benefits of Ascophyllum Nodosum, which is augmented with the addition of Chitosan.  Containing over 60 naturally occurring beneficial nutrients, amino acids and carbohydrates, Chito-Flo brings proven benefits in terms of root growth, stress reduction and improved overall plant nutritional profile.  The addition of Chitosan fortifies the plant via stimulation of the Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) Pathway – this exogenous stimulation elicits a dual phase host and non host immune response, and is therefore highly effective both in terms of plant resistance and recovery from a myriad of biotic stress factors.

"Chito-Flo – combining time proven practice with tomorrows technology to provide the leading seaweed product available today."